Executive coaching

Would you like to remove the blind spots in your career which are slowing you down?
Do you want to understand yourself better and discover what effect you have on other people?
Are you ready to increase your performance by 20–30%?

Then we are here, ready to help you!

Also Included in the session

  • Principles of executive coaching: Business focus, competence, partnership, integrity results, three elements
  • Coaching approaches: Behavioural, cognitive, humanistic, psychodynamic, solution – focused
  • Levels of listening: Attending listening, accurate listening, empathetic listening
  • Diversity: Race, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, universalist, transcendentalist

or choose a tailor-made coaching package

Length of consultation: 1 hour
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 1
Price: 58 EUR
(fixed price)

Are you interested in our services?

Contact us:

Sakis Gioussos

+420 604 582 602
+420 737 004 002


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