Positive teambuiding

Is your team working in a harmonious and positive state?
Are you team members creative and supporting?

Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. People have a larger imagination and tap into their absolute human potential, thus improving their ability to solve problems, which allow companies to compete more effectively

Fully interactive workshop – real-life scenarios – a practical tool kit
effective results – latest modern psychology cutting-edge techniques


  • What positive team building can do for your company, compared to other methods
  • Why it can increase comradery, moral, team spirit and company profits
  • How it can be developed and aligned to suit company culture


  • How to build effective teams: Selection, energizing members, appraising successes, comraderie
  • Increasing performance: Power dynamics, bonding, healthy competition, boosting tips
  • The power of questions: Positive mindset, team effectiveness, aligning purpose, synergetic strengths
  • Positive team development: supporting your peers, autonomy, trust, training opportunities, knowledge sharing

Length of the workshop: 7 hours
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 2–8
Price: 399 EUR / workshop plus VAT
(Price includes snacks & refreshments)

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