Evolution of human kind

Are you frequently distracted and find difficulty on focusing?
Do you pay attention to the good things in life or find yourself feeling frustrated?

Learn the path that our ancestors have travelled through evolution and enlighten yourself, by understanding the complexities of today’s fast-paced world. Develop ways to overcome ancient phobias, insecurities and anxieties and truly embrace our contemporary lifestyle.

Fully interactive workshop – real-life scenarios – a practical tool kit
effective results – latest modern psychology cutting-edge techniques


  • What has made our modern lives more complex than ever before
  • Why we need to filter out negative events and induce good feelings
  • How to take back control of our lives though selective choice


  • The beginning: Hunter – gatherer society, agrarian, industrial age, information age
  • VUCA world of today: Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, Ambiguous era, choice
  • Neuro linguistic programming: The conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind, VAKOG
  • Chemical leadership: Inducing feeling, seeing, hearing, filters, generalisations

Length of the workshop: 7 hours
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 2–8
Price: 399 EUR / workshop plus VAT
(Price includes snacks & refreshments)

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