Social & Psychological Wellbeing

Are you developing into the person you have always wanted to be?
Is your environment one you enjoy, or is it a daily challenge?

Personal growth, self- acceptance and autonomy as keys to happiness, while mastering your environment instead of being forced to act out of character. Learn how to socially integrate, contribute to society and function healthily in your community.

Fully interactive workshop – real-life scenarios – a practical tool kit
effective results – latest modern psychology cutting-edge techniques


  • What is the difference between social and psychological wellbeing
  • Why they are intertwined and how important they are for life satisfaction
  • How to increase your happiness by increasing both domains


  • Social wellbeing: Social acceptance, Social growth, Social contribution, integration
  • Psychological wellbeing: Personal growth, autonomy, self acceptance, purpose
  • Five components: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community
  • Great dream: Ten keys to happiness, giving, relating, exercising, etc

Length of the workshop: 7 hours
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 2–8
Price: 399 EUR / workshop plus VAT
(Price includes snacks & refreshments)

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