Are your passions leading you towards life fulfilment?
Do you feel energised during the activities you enjoy?

Doing something you love makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a better chance of becoming successful. Passion also helps you grow, create new ideas, motivate and give you more energy.

Fully interactive workshop – real-life scenarios – a practical tool kit
effective results – latest modern psychology cutting edge techniques


  • What is healthy passion and how to find it
  • Why it is important to manage passion, so it reveals your best-self
  • How to use passion to fuel your career and enrich your life


  • Philosophical aspects: Latin – suffering, losing control or positive active passion
  • Types of passion: Love scale, harmonious, obsessive, emotional impact, engagement
  • Flow and passion: Wellbeing, internal/external, autonomy, concentration, absorption
  • Meaning and passion: Eudaimonic happiness, spirituality, experience, feeling alive


Length of the workshop: 7 hours
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 2–8
Price: 399 EUR / workshop plus VAT
(Price includes snacks & refreshments)

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