Positive leadership

Would you like to lead with enthusiasm and decisiveness?
Do you want your employees’ utmost attention and co-operation?

A positive attitude is essential for leading successfully for an extensive period, where your personal attitude is the energy necessary for your team and organisation. Create an environment for engaging, creative and productive employees

Fully interactive workshop – real-life scenarios – a practical tool kit
effective results – latest modern psychology cutting-edge techniques


  • What makes Positive Leadership a necessity in the contemporary business world
  • Why leading by example can prove more beneficial than delegating
  • How to leave a positive impact on others and feel appreciated


  • What is positive leadership: Successful performance, affirmative bias, virtuous, authentic
  • Positive relationships: Hormonal system, immune system, positive-energy networks
  • Implementing positive strategies: Manager interview programme, one on one, objections, competencies
  • Developing positive leadership: Principles, leadership strategies, direct reports, top management

Length of the workshop: 7 hours
Who is it for: Companies
Number of participants: 2–8
Price: 399 EUR / workshop plus VAT
(Price includes snacks & refreshments)

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